Attention Members of the Alcona Amateur Radio Group!

The links listed below will take you to the procedures detailed in the Alcona County Amateur Radio Group's "Green Manual." Familiarization with the contents will enhance your role when you are called into service during an emergency or special event.

Amateur Radio Group Callup List S.O.P.
ARPSC Training Requirements
RACES/ARES Registration Form
Emergency Assignments
Emergency Net Outline
Group Managers & Liaison
Group Information Net Outline
NWS Location Identification
Net Log
Paul Bunyan Net Outline
Skywarn Net Outline
Safety Tips
Special Population Groups [Q & A's]
Special Population Groups [Notification S.O.P.]
Special Population Groups [Specifics]
WX Frequencies
EmComm - "I Spell"
EmComm - ITU Phonetics